Bluetooth Rocks

My car that I got last December is going to have a Bluetooth module so I can use the car microphone and speakers and buttons on the steering wheel to talk to people while the phone is still in my pocket.

Well, the car module is not available yet, but I went ahead and got the Motorola V600

The car module is still not available. I got tired of waiting, and just so I could play around with it, I got a USB Bluetooth module. It’s cool! I can transfer pictures I take without having to email them to myself (thus incurring charges from T-Mobile), and I can put files ON the phone – now my background is a nice high quality photo of Zachary.

OK, now the coolest part is that I can use the cell phone as a modem for my laptop and dial out to an ISP. No wires, cell phone within 30 feet, just a bluetooth dongle and drivers installed on the computer. This is cool because now I can support remote sites from work, which pretty much blocks outbound shell access.

I don’t have an ISP, but I want to get one of those thingies that can detect an incoming data vs fax vs voice call and route it appropriately. That way when I am on vacation I will still have dialup access anywhere I go. That’s the plan, anyway.

Apache compile standards

I’ve been spending time at work standardizing our Apache configuration and installs. It’s been fun working out exactly what modules we do/might need and compiling with the right performance enhancers (mpm=worker, enable nonportable atomics, etc).

I went ahead and upgraded the home server last night as well – got to a secure openssl and latest apache, and put a buncha modules as DSOs that I might include in the config later.

What a nice job – getting to work on Apache and open source stuff like that.

Hosted Servers

I’ve been looking at hosted servers to house a project or two of mine that should make a little money, but since they won’t make that much money, at least not at first, I am looking for cheaper prices.

I was originally looking for mirrored disks, but that seems to cost a lot, especially since even double disk setups are not provided as mirrored, I have decided that I will just use MySQL replication to my home server and do backups there. The main static program will be rsync’ed from my home server to the remote server.

First I saw Server Beach, and would have signed up with them if my project was ready – about $99 a month. Fortunately I also found ServerPronto for only $30 a month, though I have read they are not really all that “pronto” and hackers may get to it before you do. Still, it seems to be the way to go. I just need to finish the project, and work out the details of replicating everything. Just as well, neither site is running Fedora Core 2 yet…

My first entry

Brand new site with Geeklog!

I finally got off my [rear] and downloaded a decent site management framework! No more dumb splash page. Now I can hopefully integrate all the web apps into this thing…