December Flowers

The weather this weekend has been GREAT. The website says that it’s so warm because the jet stream is going pretty much west to east across the northern border of the US, not dipping at all. We should have at least another week of this. It’s been over 80 the past couple of days. It’s even confused my out-of-season pepper plant, show below with a new flower. December flowers!

Growbed 2 is taking more shape, though mostly with the red peppers that are out of season and should die if we get a freeze. Growbed 1 is getting even bigger, and we’re eating the lettuce and kale now and then. Behind them, the artichoke plants are getting sizeable, as are the broccoli, but no broccoli florets yet.

Tonight, I cooked Ground Pork and Apple Sliders from the Everyday Paleo Family Cookbook, using romaine lettuce leaves from the garden to eat them lettuce-wrap style. WOW, I thought they were YUMMY! Little Nat asked for more, and I think even Darla liked them.