Morning Visit

Here’s the general state of the AP garden on a morning before leaving for work.

Little Nat likes to feed the catfish with me and look at his sunflower that we transplanted in there from daycare. By him are jalapeno and bell peppers, as well as roma tomatoes and basil.


Watermelon seeds (4) were planted where the carrots came out…  Cucumber flowers are aplenty climbing up the wooden dowels.   Basil and Marglobe(?) tomatoes also doing well…


The spaghetti squash vines are reaching along.  A small gourd is forming above the front cinder block – there’s a much bigger one on the backside.   I expected more by this time, though.


The strawberry tubes… along with the now-troublesome cherry tomatoes, some held up by string and paint cans…


Here is a morning visitor on the tomato vines!  He blended in pretty nicely.


Root Emergency

Sure enough, as I was posting the last post about my monster tomato plant, its roots started clogging up the 4″ PVC pipe, resulting in water backing up in the growbed so that there was a half inch of standing water above the rocks!   Ugh, I had no idea tomatoes would throw out so many roots…  Shows that I am still a gardening newbie!

I took some string and cloth straps (OK, cut up strips of an old sock that had holes in it – got that from used partially-full paint cans to counter balance and lift up the tomato plant limbs, so that I as one person could pull the roots out easily.  Whoa!  That was a lot more than I expected – they had latched on to the chive planter 10 inches further down.   I may need to vacate those second holes after the tomato plants in the short run.


The roots looked bigger in person, trust me.   At any rate, I ended up taking some scissors and trimming them down a bit.   I figure I’ll have to keep doing this.   I don’t know if I can easily do that on the others, since they are enmeshed with the trellis.   Hmm, I’ll just have to think about that one a bit.