Strawberries, Cherry Tomatoes, and Basil

My strawberry tubes are getting rather dense with leafy plant matter!


Here’s the right half, with basil in front, and cherry tomatoes interleaved with strawberries every other hole in the back.   For these tomatoes, I’m training them up the trellis, away from the other plants:


Here Ollie guards the strawberries from squirrels and birds.   There are a lot of shoots hanging down – if I had the inclination to water them, I could put pots of dirt down there and create new plants.


Here’s my monster cherry tomato plant, from a hole in the back tube roughly in the center of the picture.  It’s not located by the trellis, so I have not pruned or trained it, and its branches are sprawling everywhere.   It may also benefit from being closest to the water source, perhaps sucking in more nutrients than plants further down the tube?   I found that I had to put a wooden plank under the tube to lift this end up, as the roots were impeding water flow down the tube.  That makes me wonder how it will look later this summer, and if I will have to do some root trimming.


My first cherry tomatoes are born!  These are on one of the vines going up to the trellis.


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