I finally pulled my carrots yesterday.  They were getting overgrown, for one, and also I was itching to plant watermelon or pumpkin seeds in this spot to spill over to the ground.

March 17th: early growth, from seeds scattered directly in late January or so…  (the green stuff front and center)


April 3: They are certainly the big boys on the playground now…


April 10th:  Looking good!


April 25th:below you can see they are almost overgrown, spilling over and starting to choke out the other plants.   (Yes, I’m guilty of planting too thin, again!)   So I decided to yank one and see if it was done…


Weird looking!   Fat and squatty…  but about what I’d expect for a root vegetable in a gravel bed.   Based on this, with the splitting, I figured it was definitely time for the others to come out as well.


The kids helped me pull them out – fun stuff!   All of the carrots were squatty, which made the kids laugh.


Here’s the full load:   Some were split, some were still greenish at the core.  (this is Chantenay Red Core variety, but none of mine were red, it seems)


Interestingly, here’s one that my 3 year old yanked out a month or two ago, and I replanted it in a different growbed.  Something in that experience, probably the loss of its taproot, caused the carrot to send off many many new roots from the main body, similar to how non-root vegetable plants look, but not similar to most of the other carrots.


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