Mid-April Shots

Here are some recent pictures, some may be a week apart…

 Growbed 1

The seedless fry muscadine vine continues its travel down the wire…

photo 4b

Here the bell pepper plants that I planted out of season are already producing – can’t wait til the peppers turn red – yummy!

photo 3b

Below the tomato, basil, and jalapeno plants are slowly coming along.   That spinach plant needs to come out soon.

photo 2a

Growbed 2

Carrots are going NUTS – I’ve had to use some of the wooden dowels that I’m using to train the cucumbers up to keep the carrot tops from smothering the small basil plants behind them.

photo 2b

Here you can see more evidence of carrots bullying the other plants, lol.   The tomatoes here are doing well, and the one in the bottom right is a cherry tomato, which I’ll try to get going up that bamboo skewer, away from the others.

photo 1a

Growbed 3

The spaghetti squash is doing its thing – taking over!  I’ve started training some of the vines down around the IBC cage to see if it would work as a trellis of sorts.  We’ll see how that goes.

photo 3a   photo 4

Here’s the beginnings of a vegetable spaghetti gourd, though a bit out of focus.

photo 3

NFT Tubes

I put up a lattice last week so that I can get the cherry tomatoes away from the strawberries beneath.   Cherry tomatoes are indeterminate, so you can trim them below to direct their energy towards growth at the tip of the vine.  I’m going to do that to get them up and onto the trellis, and then not “pinch the suckers” anymore, since once up there, they should be well enough above the strawberries.

I have basil in the front row, which seems to be doing well.

photo 4a

As you can see, the strawberries are growing like weeds.   Traditionally with strawberries you are supposed to pinch off the flowers the first year to encourage root and foliage growth, rather than energy going to berries.  This gives a much better harvest the next year.    I am not sure if that’s needed in Aquaponics though, so I have decided to pinch the flowers on the back row, and let the berries grow on the front row.

photo 1

Here I have my first pink strawberry!

photo 2

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  1. I ate the first strawberry today – one word: YUMMY. The birds or squirrels seem to think so, too, as I’ve seen evidence that they have been having at it a little.

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