Strawberries, 2 1/2 weeks

I had trouble finding my camera, but I got an iPhone yesterday, so now have the ability to take pictures again. Here are my strawberries at 2 1/2 weeks:


Of course, there are other things in the garden as well! Here are some radishes, soon to be plucked – need to make room for tomatoes, which I’ll probably transplant in a week.


My lone remaining spinach plant is doing really well in this weather. I pick leaves off and eat them on the spot, and new ones are there almost the next day.


Carrots are here – not sure if I’ll let them keep growing or what; They are definitely over-crowded in clumps. I was successful in re-spacing my lettuce last fall, maybe I should attempt the same with these… perhaps even move them to a bed with deeper gravel, as this is the shallow one. I also might be able to inter-plant carrots with a few other things… I just wonder if pulling them will mess up roots of other plants later on…


The two okra seedlings I’ve put in are doing well; we’ve had some pretty strong wind and they don’t seem to have any issues. Two more will probably join them soon, as soon as I pull the broccoli plants behind them.


Spaghetti squash seedlings hanging in there, waiting for warmer weather.


Cucumbers likewise waiting for warm weather. I need to devise a trellis for them somehow, similar for the spaghetti squash.


The Black Ison Muscadine grapes are growing leaves, preparing to travel down the wire.


Similar for my Seedless Fry muscadine vine, though less growth at the moment…