Aquaponics Current State

We’re at the end of the cold season, and the cold season crops are pretty much played out. We also had some pretty strong wind last week, which laid waste to GB #1, but there’s not much work keeping anyway… The Kale is still good, and the artichoke (perennial, which I should probably move out of AP) and the grapevine I put in the other week, of course. Broccoli, Arugula, and Romaine Lettuce all going to seed.







Growbed 2 is still an overflow-holding from #1, and the red peppers I planted died off (though I forgot, the two or three in GB #1 look like they are going to make it). Growbed 3 is shallower since I ran out of gravel, and only just now has radishes popping up. I put some carrot seeds in there the other week, but in retrospect, they would have been better in a deeper growbed, no? Perhaps I did that because the package said they are good when small, perhaps up to 5 inches.



In other news, I have started new seeds indoors, using a seedling heat mat that should help more seeds start. Tomatoes, winter squash (veggie spaghetti), cucumbers, two types of basil, red, orange and jalapeno peppers, garlic and regular chives, thyme, and even some red okra. We’ll see what happens!

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