Broccoli Oddity

Very strange – my first broccoli plant to form anything resembling the part you eat bolted… yellow flowers started appearing in early January! Fortunately the second one right next to it did not develop the broccoli crown quite as fast, and seems to be developing properly. The only thing I can think of that was different is that the first one bolted in colder temps… which is opposite of what I would expect – I would think higher temps would cause a plant to bolt. At any rate, I saw some bees enjoying the rare January flowers the other day – that was cool. I thought bees were dormant in winter, even Houston’s pseudo-winter. One positive note is that I can harvest seeds from the flowers in a while, and then plant more next fall.

Here’s a comparison shot showing the flowering broccoli on the left and the soon-to-be-eaten one on the right.

Broccoli Comparison

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