Current pic and artichoke close-up

Here’s the current state, since I have not posted a pic in a while.   I should probably take one of the other growbed, but haven’t thought to.  At any rate, I also took a pic of the artichoke, showing how for some reason the leaves get this mottled color after a while.  Perhaps it’s some disease for the artichokes, or perhaps it’s not getting the right nutrient intake (lower pH should help that).  It’s still growing slowly, though, so I’ll keep as-is.   When sun hits it again in the spring, we’ll see how it does.   The artichoke transplants in the other GB don’t seem to be doing much, but perhaps they take time as well.   I might consider transplanting them to ground one day, to see if they do better there.

Rock pile finally gone!

It’s been a long time coming…  I have finally completed sifting and extracting mulch and washing the expanded shale (rocks) and it no longer sits in a pile on my back patio.   I am really glad I finished it before the really cold weather set in, as I didn’t want it hovering over me all winter.   I still have to put more rocks in the third growbed, but I’m going to get 5/8″ pea gravel most likely, wash it, and fill the last growbed.   Here are beginning/ending pics:

Cloud Backups

I got started using Amazon Glacier today – it’s ultra low cost cloud storage, with the caveats that if you want to get anything, it’s a few hours turnaround time, and also that the only real access to it is via a programmatic API.   To the first, that’s fine, as I am looking to use it for backups for my server at home, and hopefully will never have to get the stuff.   As for the second, well there are already plenty of third party clients that have been written using the API!   I am using CloudBerry Amazon S3 Explorer, which supports Glacier as well.    I’ve already uploaded some RAW camera files, about 200 MB worth…  Now to downsize those to small images on my server and get rid of the big digital negatives that are backed up in the Glacier…   Fun stuff.

November update

Got some more pics, and finally made my first salad! I took some outer leaves of the romaine, leaving the plant to keep growing more leaves.