Live Oak Oaktoberfest

Last night at the Gingerman, I had a chance to try Live Oak’s Oaktoberfest – good beer!  I’ll get it again if given the chance…   Not TOO much of anything, just about right for an Octoberfest beer.

Oct 3 Growbed State

Looking fairly good, though we had a lot of wind over the past weekend that damaged a few of the plants. I’ve separated a few seedlings this week and found red bell peppers growing, they seem to be doing well. The artichoke leaves are looking a little brown, perhaps some other parasite. One of the broccoli plants has holes in its leaves, too, but they are still getting bigger. Tonight I took some spinach and arugula seedlings and added them to the bed, fingers crossed. They probably could have been bigger.

Water tests are about the same, so I am probably going to add some HCl soon. I’m including some charts showing the relative toxicity of ammonia to fish given different temps and pH, as well as how well plants take in various nutrients across the pH scale.  Ideally I can get down to around 6.5.