Growbed #2 Is Ready

I got a good bit of work done on the rocks for the second growbed done this past weekend, and it’s finally finished.  Very exciting – I have now doubled my plant growing space!   Just in time, too, as the sun has now moved lower in the sky for winter season, only shining directly on part of the first growbed, but all of the second.   I transplanted two artichoke plants and a bunch of red pepper plants to the new growbed.   I also hope to plant some celery and perhaps some garlic chives… maybe more spinach.

I’ve no idea really why I threw in the red bell pepper seeds – it’s not a cold weather plant!   But if they survive the winter, perhaps they will be all the closer to fruiting in the spring.

I’ve still a lot to learn about vegetable gardening – growing techniques, harvesting, etc.  Perhaps that’s why I’m doing a variety, just to see what happens.

The water test is looking better – I had hoped pH would be lower by now, and have even added some HCl acid, but will keep doing so bit by bit.   Nitrates have gone up a good bit!   That’s great – fertilizer for the plants.  Also, it means I need more plants – not a bad thing.

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