Plant pics and water test from today

Here are some plant pics as well as the week’s water test. (it’s pretty much the same as last week – I need to get pH down so that the ammonia is less toxic to the fish)

Separating seedlings

One of the cool things about aquaponics is that you can separate multiple sprouts that come up together instead of cutting off all but the strongest… It’s a good thing, too, considering that half of my seeds washed down too far! Here’s the Arugula Separation… Already did so on artichoke, and will do on lettuce soon, after they get a little bigger.

Two and a half weeks

Plants are doing well, and no more fish deaths.  I think I overfed them last Friday, won’t do that again.   Here’s the current state of the growbed, I separated some of the artichoke plants for more space: