Standpipe surrounds

I got the standpipe surrounds made today – they keep the shale and plant roots away from the standpipe and bell siphon.   Holes are at the bottom only to ensure that water near the bottom drains, as opposed to water coming in the top draining and leaving stale water further below.   That’s important because we need re-oxygenated water or else the roots will rot.   Well, that’s more the case in a constant flood system, not so much in a flood and drain one like this one is supposed to be, but still it gives me the option to take the bell out and go constant flood if desired…

Got water and gravel!

We had a GREAT storm last night – we needed the water, too. (so did my fish tank!) I set the hose on the rain barrel and opened it up to drain into the sump tanks, and went to bed. In the morning, the sumps were overflowing! This was great, I was worried about getting enough water.

I also got my expanded shale today – rented the same truck from Home Depot and got 2 “yards” worth. (might not really be a cubic yard – it’s whatever the amount that their scooper-loader pics up in a load). Now I have the not fun job of washing and sifting all the big pieces… but at least I am closer to the goal!