Sump Plumbing!

Today I tried my hand at PVC plumbing… and it went off without a hitch!  OK, the purple primer was a little messy, especially on the last connection or two that were hard to reach, but overall, I’d say it was a success.  No leaks.

Next, I tested the sump connections with rainwater that had accumulated in the growbeds on the ground nearby.  Those kids keep leaving their toys in the yards, so I might as well make their beach bucket useful!   No leaks on the pipes, which was good, because the PVC cement is permanent…  if there were any issues, it would be hard to take apart short of cutting it.

Final step for the day…  next to my rain barrel, I have 275 gallons of rainwater in what will be the fish tank IBC (see previous posts).   I certainly didn’t want to haul all of that around the back of the house to the sumps!   I admit, I did that for a couple of buckets for the pipe test.  What I did was get a garden hose and siphon the water out of the IBC to the sumps, whose water level was considerably lower…  First I made sure the hose was full of water by dumping water in it with the bucket and a funnel from the kitchen.  (In retrospect, I should have used the rain barrel, which has a perfect tap for a garden hose – I had thought to do that before, but had forgotten at the moment it would have been useful.)   I came back an hour or two later and most of the fish tank IBC was empty, with the sumps holding the water proudly!

Here are some of the plumbing shots and the distance siphon hose carried the water:



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2 Replies to “Sump Plumbing!”

  1. Hi Nat,
    If i am correct, you have made this system to clean the fish tanks automatically by the force of water right?
    Also could u share more pic with what Fish’s you have in this?

    1. Hey Bala – I don’t have fish or plants in it yet, but I’m getting close! I’ll definitely be putting pictures up when I get to that point. The water does not get clean by water force, but bacteria on the rocks convert the fish waste to plant food, which is taken in by the plants and thus leaving clean water that goes back to the fish tank. The water should get clearer as time goes by. Time will tell if I’ve done it right!

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