Aquaponics Update

I have not had much time lately to work on the project, but here and there I’ve done a bit:

  • ground smooth the rough edges of the IBC cuts with an angle grinder, and spray painted the exposed parts with silver metallic spray paint to prevent rusting
  • leveled the ground under the IBCs for both the tanks and cinder blocks
  • Purchased the cinder blocks
  • Re-used some wood from the old play fort

Now I’ve got to:

  • Plumb the IBC sump tanks together
  • Create the standpipes
  • Order expanded shale, hopefully delivered by 4/22 weekend, which I’ve set aside for working on this
  • Sift the expanded shale, put in the growbeds and start cycling water

After that, I’ll drain the fish tank IBC which is full of rainwater into the sump tanks so that I can prep the fish tank and get some fish.  I can also start some plants before the fish tank is ready, so long as the water cycling is working as expected.






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