Aquaponics Progress

Slowly making progress…  I’ve been painting the IBCs a bit (old trashcans make great pedestals), and am getting used to where they are going to go. Unfortunately, the ground is not quite level there (odd for Houston, which is super flat), so I am leveling as I go. I can’t put concrete down, as it’s on an easement, unfortunately. The other down side is the shadow cast by the house… however, in a month or two the sun’s angle should give direct sunlight on the GBs, so it’s not terrible. Unfortunately, not too much of a better spot for 9 months of the year.

We had a big storm last week, so I took the downspout to my rain barrel and put it in my fish tank…. I got about 150 gallons, but now I can’t paint it until I get the water pumped to the sumps, so I better get the sumps levelled and plumbed quickly!

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