Cutting the IBCs

I finally found time to start cutting the IBC tanks today after extracting them from their cages yesterday.   I pulled all of the tanks onto the back lawn and tried cutting one of the cages with a metal blade on my “Sawsall”.   Wow, that’s some tough metal – it took three and a half blades to cut one cage in half!   I am going to look at using some cutting discs on my angle grinder tomorrow, as that’s the way most people seem to have cut theirs.   I still imagine it takes a few discs there as well.   Below is a picture of the cut result.

Back on the lawn, I measured three of the four for 16 inch deep growbeds – a little deeper than most I’ve seen, but done at the recommendation of Rick Op, who advises that the maintenance will be less with deeper beds – I’m all about low maintenance once it’s set up!   (Rick wanted me to make them even deeper.)  I cut them and also the top out of the fourth for the fish tank.   You can see a pic of one in the cut cage as an idea of what it looks like in the end.

As light began to fall, I fired up the pressure washer and started cleaning the grime off.   Fairly successful, although I was pretty disappointed to see that one of the growbed IBCs seemed to have glue in it – not budging at the moment.   I’ve read about one person’s trials with an IBC that had wood glue in his that he did not clean out – it sent the pH way up in the beginning for a while, which makes it hard to get the beneficial bacteria started.   I’ll see about what I can do to clean that one better tomorrow.   The others cleaned out really nicely and are ready for sanding and painting.

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