Got my IBCs!

At long last, and after many hours of reading aquaponics information, I’ve taken the plunge.    I rented a truck at Home Depot and picked up 4 IBC tanks at a yard on the side of Highway 6 near Alvin, TX.   They almost fit on the truck, just about an inch too wide, so the left gate I left down.   It was so good to finally get started!

Truck loaded with 4 IBCs
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4 Replies to “Got my IBCs!”

    1. Quick answer – whatever the missus wants! LOL I’m tempted to try abnormal backyard things like pumpkins, grapes, or even corn, which I’ve seen pictures of people do. More practially it’ll be stuff we actually eat, though I’ll have to plan out winter crop like broccoli or something. I’ve got some red bell and serrano pepper plants to transplant if they make it through February. Strawberries, tomatoes, cilantro, and who knows what else? I just have to find time to set it all up…

  1. Grapes love the aquaponic lifestyle. I’ve killed them in soil and containers, but watched one vine thrive in the system.
    I’ll put your name on some Mortensen Hardy cuttings, maybe put one per growbed? In a corner since they will hang around a while. Each cutting should grow about four feet the first year (and you’ll remove any flowers/fruit) and over ten the second season so plan out some wire or arbor or fenceline for vines to run along!


  2. Thanks, Rick – you had told me about the grapes once, and I have definitely got plans for having them. Gotta get my winery started somehow, you know! And the kids go through them like nothing else… I’d love some cuttings when convenient – thanks!

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