Network and Server Monitoring

One of my passions is automated monitoring and correction of network and server problems. I have the most experience with SiteScope (primarily a commercial website monitoring tool that has branched out to include protocols, application stacks, and whatever custom stuf you want) and Nagios, which is free and open source, and very very configurable.

I would LOVE to form a company implementing these or similar monitoring tools. I’ve done this a lot at work, and a little bit on the side for a few friends and their companies.

I’ve been looking around, and it seems that in addition to Nagios, two other contenders are Zenoss and Cacti. I’ve heard good things about Zenoss, specifically how it is easier to set up than Nagios. I think I may check it out, though I am a fan of Nagios’s flexibility.

Apache: Convert uppercase to lowercase

We had a requirement from a client whose windows website we were migrating to UNIX that the new site be able to handle mixed case tickers, ie, /pwc, /Pwc, /PWC, /pwC, etc. Using mod_rewrite, it was doable:

 # Take any mixed or uppercase ticker and set to lower
 RewriteMap lowercase int:tolower
 RewriteRule ^(/[A-Z]...?)$ ${lowercase:$1} [R,L]
 RewriteRule ^(/.[A-Z]..?)$ ${lowercase:$1} [R,L]
 RewriteRule ^(/..[A-Z].?)$ ${lowercase:$1} [R,L]
 RewriteRule ^(/...[A-Z])$ ${lowercase:$1} [R,L] 

This case conversion will be true for any 3 or 4 char URI with an uppercase letter. (It would probably be better to replace the “.” above with [a-zA-Z], as it’s likely intended for only chars to replace. Above will transform /a/BB as well, which is probably not desired.)