Jury Duty

It seems that even selecting a jury in Fort Bend county takes longer than can be done before lunch. I had a deceptively filling steak burrito at a local mexican place, and then decided to spend the remaining 60 of my 90 minute lunch walking around historic Richmond. I noticed an Italian place serving Osso Bucco! Darn, too bad I already ate. Now I almost want to be on the jury so I can go back there as well as another popular looking place or two.

I had the misfortune of walking into a gift shop with a confectionery, and thus walked out with two pieces of peanut butter fudge. Sitting on the bench in the cool afternoon tasting the peanutty treat with the sun on my face really made my day.

I got back to the courtroom with 30 minutes to spare, and I noticed that the jury chairs are nice, padded, blue leather chairs. Did I mention that they recline? I’m dead meat after lunch if I am on the jury!

I wonder if it’s OK to have a margarita with lunch? Needless to say, I didn’t get selected, so I won’t get the opportunity… It’s probably also not a good idea to do so during jury days, but having one on the jury selection day can’t hurt! Just don’t get sloshed. *wink wink*

Interesting note: they pay $40 / day if you are selected on the jury, but not for the jury selection. I guess that’s sort of the consolation prize for those who have to return the next day.