Wireless Network Upgrade

I recently bought the Linksys pre-N router (WRT300N) and a laptop PC card. I hate to say it, but the 4x range that it promises is flat out wrong. I get better connection to my wireless G router (WRT54G) up on the second floor. However, the throughput is amazing – 270 mbit/sec as opposed to 54. I just need to get it working well.

I see that they have come out with some firmware upgrades since I last checked a week ago, and it mentions improving wireless power and performance. We’ll see what happens!

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2 Replies to “Wireless Network Upgrade”

  1. Hurrah! It’s working a LOT better now – better range, and also working with my other network infrastructure. Nice. I was worried I might need to return it, but upgrading to firmware version 0.93.3 did the trick.

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