Dream Delirium

Have you ever stayed up way too late and dreaded getting up in the morning? (Of course you have, that’s a silly question) Every now and then, in my waking stupor I seem to get the idea that I have this amazing alarm clock.

This morning when it “woke” me, I automatically hit the snooze button in my sleep and wishful dreaming kicked in. Somehow I got the idea that my alarm clock would monitor the time and come up with just the right excuse for me to give my boss on why I missed work that day. But wait, there’s more! Not only would it do the work of coming up with the right excuse, it also would communicate it to my boss via email as well! All official-sounding and stuff. Nothing more for me to do but sleep in. This turned out to be my dream’s downfall, however, because I realized not that my clock didn’t have the capability to come up with all of this, but that it did not have an internet connection and would not be able to send the email… nor had I configured an SMTP server for it. (dagnabbit! Why did I forget to do that!?)

Sometimes the basic points are the things to pay attention to, i guess. The funny thing is this is nowhere near the first time I’ve dreamed about my “special” alarm clock!

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