Expanding the wireless network

I finally got my Linksys WRE54G wireless 802.11g repeater working with my WRT54G. This is nice because now I can use the laptop in the kitchen and study. It also forced me to do a firmware upgrade to my router, which seems to have fixed a few problems with losing connections. Happy surfing now!

But as I was saying, I finally got it working. The setup program was failing with a message: WRE54G cannot associate with this AP in repeater mode, so I put it in my closet for 6 months. This weekend I googled a bit, and found that the roundabout method works:

  1. Reset the repeater
  2. Set your wireless IP to, select the repeater network, and surf to, login as admin.
  3. In here you can set your SSID, frequency, security to match the current infrastructure. They should all be the same. (in the process of doing so, you may need to change your IP address back to whatever).
  4. The tricky part for me was the MAC address: my AP has three: one for the WAN, one for internal wired, and one for internal wireless. I mistakenly gave it the WAN MAC address the first time, and while I was able to connect to my repeater, it could not talk to the AP. After I corrected it to the one for the wireless MAC address, the red light on the repeater turned blue. Hallelujah!
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