Streaming Radio on the Net

I want to be able to hear KLOL broadcasts of the Walton and Johnson show, but most of the time I am busy. OK, I could take a radio to work and listen with headphones, but that’s too easy, plus I am still constrained to their playtime. KLOL does not do internet broadcasts due to all the paperwork each timethey play a song. Ho-hum.

Here’s my solution – I bought a $5 radio card for my computer that should run under Linux, and plan to capture radio input from KLOL from 5:30 AM to 10 AM, when W&J is on. Then from there, the MP3s will be put on my streaming audio site, where I can access the broadcasts from anywhere – work, home, vacation, whatever. Kinda like a TiVo for radio. (I wonder if there is already such a thing?)

Depending on the size of the files (I will probably save in 30 minute chunks), I may get a USB disk-on-key and dump them there, so that I am not downloading lots of stuff at work, risking attracting the attention of the surf police.

Anyhow, that’s the plan. The only thing stopping me at the moment is that currently my Linux server is a Compaq, and Compaqs are notorious for not allowing non-compaq cards in their BIOS. I’d have to add some sort of driver or something. Sheesh.

There’s a new Fry’s Electronics opening up near us – once it does, I am going to go get another motherboard and chip to replace a failing Gateway that I have, and fire that one up. Should be sweet…

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3 Replies to “Streaming Radio on the Net”

  1. ARGH!!!

    After 20-something years, KLOL’s format just changed – it’s now a latin dance radio station. I was SO CLOSE!

    Well, W+J are still syndicated in Biloxi, MS, and New Orleans and I think one other place. I’ll have to find out…

    W+J Website

  2. SWEEEEET!!! The W&J website says that they will be back in Houston on Feb 15th… Maybe that will give Fry’s time to open and I can buy a motherboard. The streaming radio gods are gonna be on my computer yet!

  3. Never did get around to doing this. I’ve since set up MythTV and could probably record the radio signal with the PVR card I use for it, but have not looked into it yet.

    More importantly, W+J are now sending up a weekly podcast! Get it here

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