Double-Network Linux Installation

Wow, Linux installations have come a long way in the past few years. I won’t dredge up the past, but the present certainly needs mentioning:

  • I downloaded Fedora Core 2 ISO images
  • I mounted them as loopback devices and dumped the contents all to one directory
  • I set up that directory for NFS export
  • I burned disc one for initial boot
  • I booted the new server with the CD with this command:
    linux vnc askmethod

    This did nothing at first, but eventually asked me the type of install I wanted – NFS to the server I had already set up.

  • Then the cool part – it started a VNC server on port 5901 for the gui choices.
  • I went downstairs to my laptop in front of the TV, grabbed an alcoholic beverege, and proceded to choose packages on my remote (wireless) network display.
  • Currently as I type, my remote display is telling me that the new server is pulling install files off the older server and installing Linux.

That’s so cool! I view my display over the network to the new server, which is pulling packages over the network from the NFS server.

For what it’s worth, it’s not a big box – just a 450 MHz P-II with 256 MB RAM. But it’s got two new 80 GB drives mirrored – nice again – the Linux install was able to do software RAID and LVM on everything.

I love being a geek.

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