Bluetooth Rocks

My car that I got last December is going to have a Bluetooth module so I can use the car microphone and speakers and buttons on the steering wheel to talk to people while the phone is still in my pocket.

Well, the car module is not available yet, but I went ahead and got the Motorola V600

The car module is still not available. I got tired of waiting, and just so I could play around with it, I got a USB Bluetooth module. It’s cool! I can transfer pictures I take without having to email them to myself (thus incurring charges from T-Mobile), and I can put files ON the phone – now my background is a nice high quality photo of Zachary.

OK, now the coolest part is that I can use the cell phone as a modem for my laptop and dial out to an ISP. No wires, cell phone within 30 feet, just a bluetooth dongle and drivers installed on the computer. This is cool because now I can support remote sites from work, which pretty much blocks outbound shell access.

I don’t have an ISP, but I want to get one of those thingies that can detect an incoming data vs fax vs voice call and route it appropriately. That way when I am on vacation I will still have dialup access anywhere I go. That’s the plan, anyway.

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2 Replies to “Bluetooth Rocks”

  1. OK, so now I have a bluetooth module for my Epson Stylus Photo R300 printer, and can print wirelessly from the laptop to the printer. Theoretically it should work for my phone, too, but the phone does not see the printer… Maybe I am doing it wrong, but also the printer module says it doesn’t work for everything…

    Pretty neat, though!

  2. It’s been a while since I posted this… Since then I’ve gotten a $60 gadget at Wal-Mart that plugs into my car’s cigarette lighter, speaks bluetooth, and also broadcasts FM, so essentially I can do handsfree from my phone to my car speakers in any car. (the gadget has a microphone) On top of that, it has SD/MMC card slot, USB slot, and line in for playing MP3s. Very nice, I like how technology has advanced.

    Also, Verizon has software for your PC so that you can connect to your mobile phone (via bluetooth or usb or other) and use it’s internet connection. My phone from work is locked down and won’t do it properly, but others with newer blackberries have gotten it to work. Imagine, Internet anywhere you get a phone signal!

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