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I’ve been looking at hosted servers to house a project or two of mine that should make a little money, but since they won’t make that much money, at least not at first, I am looking for cheaper prices.

I was originally looking for mirrored disks, but that seems to cost a lot, especially since even double disk setups are not provided as mirrored, I have decided that I will just use MySQL replication to my home server and do backups there. The main static program will be rsync’ed from my home server to the remote server.

First I saw Server Beach, and would have signed up with them if my project was ready – about $99 a month. Fortunately I also found ServerPronto for only $30 a month, though I have read they are not really all that “pronto” and hackers may get to it before you do. Still, it seems to be the way to go. I just need to finish the project, and work out the details of replicating everything. Just as well, neither site is running Fedora Core 2 yet…

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One Reply to “Hosted Servers”

  1. I found an alternative to getting a hosted server – my Linksys router has built in dynamic DNS and supports two sites for it – apparently when it’s DNS entry gets updated, it contacts those sites and automatically changes the dns entries. Pretty slick! $99/2 years, but I wonder if that’s per domain name or what?

    I think I will probably still go with the hosted server approach for now, because email and such will not have problems with AOL and other sites blocking mail from client broadband IPs.

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